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“If you're an early-stage company (or any company really) looking for some guidance on compensation, check out Mary Jantsch. She's dropping some great guidance to help support the journey.” - Amy York, Vice President and Chief Connector of the Lattice Group

This is the best thing I've read / watched this week.” - Kevan Lee, VP of Marketing at Oyster

“Mary Jantsch is making noise in the pay transparency and pay equity arena.” - Lance Robbins, Director of Talent Acquisition at XWP

If you want to build salary transparency into your company culture and operations talk to Mary Jantsch.- Stephanie Ciccone-Nascimento, Director of Training & Talent @ Offr Group

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Mary Jantsch, early-stage startup Head of People & Talent, shares in-depth breakdowns of how front-of-the-pack startups structure compensation and employee career paths.


Mary Jantsch is the author of the newsletter List the damn salary range, where she writes about startup compensation and tools for pay equity.