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My name is Mary Jantsch and I am obsessed with building healthier, more human, and more creative workplaces.

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Here is my ultra-stripped-back take on employment:

As individuals, we invest time in building skills that the market values. Then, our compensation is a reflection of how we choose to sell those skills.

For all the reasons and more that I cover in Part 1: The future of compensation is flexible - people are shifting from selling their skills and time through traditional employment to building a portfolio of work as independent contractors.

So, I write about these things! Join our community to learn:

  1. Org building stuff: how to build the infrastructure to offer pay transparency, design your total compensation, and attract the right talent for your company.

  2. Career stuff: how to build a career like a portfolio demonstrating impact rather than focus on climbing an ancient and dusty ladder.

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  • If you want to build salary transparency into your company culture and operations talk to Mary Jantsch.- Stephanie Ciccone-Nascimento

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Damn Good Job is a place for questioning the ways we've 'always worked'. From pay transparency to reimagining the traditional career path, Mary explores how to develop healthier, more human, and more creative relationships with work.


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